Is Everyone You Disagree With An Evil Idiot?

Everything you believe is correct, and everyone who disagrees is a moron. This is the new reality, and I will affirm your beliefs without knowing them because this is not an individual affirmation; it’s a mantra used by all points of view. Did the biologist hurt your feelings? Well, they’re an idiot, and if you ever search for academic publications, it’s best to ignore anything they’ve ever said. If you’re offended by some dude saying, “love is love” and kissing his boyfriend, just write them off as prats, who know not the path of god. It is no longer enough to dismiss a belief; you must dismiss anything and everything any individual says immediately following any hot take you disagree with coming to light. As a matter of fact, anyone who even follows a person you dub unsavory should be ignored because to read a book or follow someone on Twitter is always a wholesale acceptance and endorsement of anything they have ever said. Biology isn’t real, but it’s well known that some aspects of our human corporeal form cannot accept someone like Sam Harris as an expert on meditation, without also holding as gospel every word the man has uttered. Likewise, any comedian who’s ever told an offensive joke must be forever viewed as unfunny. Sarah Silverman must not be acknowledged as funny; in 2007, she did an offensive sketch. Oh, and if you’re friends with PewDiePie, you are a white supremacist. It doesn’t matter, if like Ethan Klein,…Is Everyone You Disagree With An Evil Idiot?

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