Leaked Google Memo Shows Aimless Execs Basically Worshiping AI

Ride or (D)AI An internal memo at Google leaked by The Verge reveals the company’s plans for the new year, and perhaps its biggest takeaway may not surprise you: that the Silicon Valley titan is still going all in on AI. The news comes as questions are raised — sometimes by its own employees — over whether Google’s bullheaded commitment to the tech is harming the company. Per the companywide “objective key results” for the new year shared on Thursday, delivering the “world’s most advanced, safe, and responsible AI” is Google’s number one priority, according to the leak. That will come with “tough choices,” Google CEO Sundar Pichai warned in a memo the day prior, including “reorganizing” and “eliminating roles.” In other words, Google is set to continue the massive layoffs the company has been carrying out since last year that have seen over 12,000 jobs removed, perhaps just one of several possible consequences of its AI push. Golden Goose As those jobs fall by the wayside, AI has taken center stage. In October, Google finalized a whopping $2 billion investment into the OpenAI competitor Anthropic. This year, it’s doubling down on its AI chatbot Bard, with plans to integrate the AI into Android smartphones. It also promises that its own AI model, Gemini, will be more powerful than OpenAI’s GPT-4. Some fear that these endeavors, however, are coming at the expense of some of the company’s core ventures, not to mention the thousands of employees now out of a…Leaked Google Memo Shows Aimless Execs Basically Worshiping AI

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