Louis Rossmann: Are you investable?

Entrepreneur and right-to-repair advocate Louis Rossmann sparked discussion with a video about being an investable person. In other words, being the kind of person, people find rewarding to help.

“Ever[y] young person needs to watch this video, or be taught this lesson at some point. I’m almost 30 now but hearing something similar at 20 really put me (mostly) on the straight & narrow. No one can put in the work for you, and you wouldn’t want them to in the long run anyways. Autonomy, as silly as it sounds, goes hand in hand with responsibility. You move up in this life by being of benefit to those around you, simple as.” said on youtube commenter.

“Thanks for explicitly stating saying this in this video! I remember making these mistakes a few times in grade school, you really just don’t understand the other side perspective very clearly during that age; eventually I have gotten out of that practice but couldn’t quite explain what it was until now. This has also made me realize why it’s so fustrating to get bombarded with “dumb” questions from others and then see them not try anything with the additional information you’ve given. If you can impress others using the information you are gifted by them… that would be hugely positive (except for insecure, power-hungry people). said another”

“Louis Rossman recently published a video about being investable. Not in terms of cash for equity; that’s a different conversation. But the investment of time, effort, and energy into you from people who do not receive a return from sharing those resources.” said push ROI on Twitter linking to a blog post about the video.

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