Man Finds Dream Apartments in Brutal Market Using ChatGPT

The Rent Is Too Damn High In this economy, finding a new home is a brutal, demoralizing slog due to limited housing stock and surging demand, particularly in big cities. A man in Berlin, Germany claims to have radically expedited this process by using ChatGPT after fruitlessly searching for a new apartment to rent for four frustrating months. 28-year-old coder Daniel Dippold had almost given up trying to find a suitable apartment for himself and his girlfriend when he came up with the idea to meld his coding knowledge and ChatGPT to help him accelerate the search process, according to Insider. “When I was really exhausted looking for a flat in Berlin, I figured, ‘Hey, can I build something that makes it easier for me potentially with GPT?'” said Dippold, who started venture capital outfit EWOR. After narrowing down a shortlist of possible units, Dippold finally found two suitable places for him and his girlfriend — demonstrating an excellent use case of the tech. Auto-Reply After asking ChatGPT for various suggestions, the program came up with the idea of putting together a list of property managers in the city. He then asked ChatGPT to generate code for a web scraper that can collect names and contact information of both private and public property managers. From there, he was able to create a database of more than 100 property management firms. He emailed each contact in German, a process that had to be done manually because ChatGPT is more suited for English….Man Finds Dream Apartments in Brutal Market Using ChatGPT

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