Man Gives All His Financial Info to AI and Lets It Make Decisions

Joshua Browder, the CEO of robo-lawyer startup DoNotPay, says that he handed over his entire financial life to OpenAI’s GPT-4 large language model in an attempt to save money. “I decided to outsource my entire personal financial life to GPT-4 (via the DoNotPay chat we are building),” Browder tweeted. “I gave AutoGPT access to my bank, financial statements, credit report, and email.” According to the CEO, the AI was able to save him $217.85 by automating tasks that would’ve cost him precious time. But whether it’s really as simple as Browder makes it out to be in his Twitter thread remains to be seen. For one, as the CEO of an AI startup, his opinions on an up-and-coming feature should be taken with a grain of salt. DoNotPay’s track record isn’t that stellar, either. The company has been attempting to get a robo-lawyer service off the ground that can take care of things like getting out of a parking ticket on your behalf using AI, but a paralegal found glaring errors in the AI’s “ability to craft legal documents.” And embarrassingly, its plans to have an AI inform a defendant in court via a hidden earpiece were stopped in their tracks after human prosecutors warned Browder that such a move could result in jail time. Then there’s the matter of handing a chatbot all your banking login credentials — a move that could come with its own considerable risks, depending on where the data might eventually land. For DoNotPay’s latest trick,…Man Gives All His Financial Info to AI and Lets It Make Decisions

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