Meta's Plans to Label AI-Generated Content Are a Sad Fart

Meta Morphosis Meta is promising to roll out auto-labeling for AI-generated images — as soon as it figures out how, that is. Nick Clegg, Meta’s president of global affairs, said in a policy update that the company is currently working with “industry partners” to formulate criteria that will help identify AI content. Once those criteria are determined, Meta will begin automatically labeling posts featuring any AI-generated images, video, or audio “in the coming months.” “This approach represents the cutting edge of what’s technically possible right now. But it’s not yet possible to identify all AI-generated content, and there are ways that people can strip out invisible markers,” Clegg wrote. “So we’re pursuing a range of options. We’re working hard to develop classifiers that can help us to automatically detect AI-generated content, even if the content lacks invisible markers.” Confused? Us too. And it gets even harder to follow. Coherence, Please Though there’s no mention of it in the statement, this update comes just a day after the Meta Oversight Board issued a report excoriating the company’s “incoherent” manipulated media policy. Per the independent watchdog’s claims, Meta’s fractured approach allowed a manipulated video, which was likely altered in an old-school, pre-AI way, of President Joe Biden appearing to inappropriately touch his granddaughter to proliferate on its platforms. At the time the report was issued, the video didn’t violate Meta’s manipulated media policy, which only bars “video created through artificial intelligence… and only to content showing people saying things they did not say.”…Meta's Plans to Label AI-Generated Content Are a Sad Fart

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