Microsoft shakes up keyboard layout with new AI Copilot key

You know how we’ve all gotten cozy with the good old keyboard layout? Well, Microsoft is shaking things up big time. For the first time since the ’90s, they’re adding a brand new key to the Windows keyboard – the Copilot key, the company announced on its blog. Let’s dive into what this means for you and me and, of course, our beloved PCs. The Copilot key So, what’s this new key all about? Positioned right beside the Alt key, this AI Copilot key is set to replace the menu key on Windows 11 keyboards. Picture this: a key that, with a single press, summons an AI-powered chatbot, ready to assist with everything from general queries to specific Windows tasks. Why Microsoft isn’t settling with something as simple as a combo key command beats me, but hey, they’re heavily invested in the AI push, so I can understand their position. Why now, Microsoft? So, why introduce this now? Microsoft is pushing for 2024 to be the year of AI PCs. They’re not just stopping at a new key; they’re integrating AI into the very fabric of their operating systems. This move to add the Copilot key aligns with Microsoft’s larger strategy of AI integration across its products, including Microsoft Office, Bing, and even complex industrial machinery. A Glimpse into the Future: Windows 11 and Beyond Video: Microsoft / YouTube The Copilot key will start appearing on new Windows 11 PCs, including upcoming Surface devices, sometime soon. Engadget reports that we’ll…Microsoft shakes up keyboard layout with new AI Copilot key

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