Microsoft Surface Laptop 6, Pro 10 to get new Arm chip and design

Microsoft Surface line was expected to have a rocky future after the sudden departure of chief, Panos Panay. However, a new report is pointing to promising new upgrades to the Microsoft Surface line.  Microsoft only shipped upgrades for the Surface Hub, Surface Laptop Studio, Surface Laptop Go, and Surface Go in 2023.  The lineup was slim and only consisted of minor spec bumps and price hikes across the board. Curiously, the Microsoft Surface Pro and Surface Laptop were missing.  According to Windows Central, Microsoft is already working to deliver significant updates to the Surface Pro and Surface Laptop. The outlet states that the upgrades include improved designs, new features, next-gen silicon, and Qualcomm X-Series chips.  Microsoft Surface Laptop 6  Source: Microsoft According to the outlet, Microsoft is revamping the Surface Laptop, making the Microsoft Surface Laptop 6 the first since the launch to get a design change.  The changes will include slimmed-down bezels, rounded display corners, and more ports. In addition, Microsoft is also changing the size of the Surface Laptop. The smaller Surface Laptop 6 will be slightly larger with a 13.8-inch display, upgraded from the older 13.5 inches on the Surface Laptop 5.  Interestingly, the larger 15-inch model will remain the same.  Surface Laptop 6 will also have many ports, including two USB-C ports and one USB-A port, along with the magnetic Surface Connect charging port.  The company is also adding a haptic touchpad and a dedicated button for Windows Copilot on the keyboard for quick access. Overall,…Microsoft Surface Laptop 6, Pro 10 to get new Arm chip and design

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