Microsoft's Super Bowl AI Ad Will Get Dumbest People You Know Absolutely Hyped

Ad Nauseam The Super Bowl is almost upon us, and you know what that means: it’s time to mock, jeer, and clap like seals at stupidly expensive commercials. This year, Microsoft, no stranger to the occasion but off a several year hiatus, has stepped up to the plate with an ad for its chatbot called Copilot. It’s intended to replace the Bing search assistant as the tech giant’s flagship AI product, but the ad doesn’t make a particularly convincing case for itself. We’ll get to our gripes in a moment, but here’s what you need to know: Copilot is targeted at what the industry likes to label ‘creators,’ and more specifically, anyone that uses Microsoft’s Office suite. It offers them what Microsoft has billed as an “AI companion” to help creators out with their projects — a chatbot, image generator, and a coder all rolled into one. All the kind of stuff that will have AI bros chomping at the bit. Now anyone with the Copilot app — which is available on pretty much every platform — can load up the AI and ask it to do stuff like, as shown in the ad, “Write code for my 3D open world game,” or “Generate storyboard images for the dragon scene in my script.” Y’know, things that motivated, creative people do. Microsoft Copilot, your everyday AI companion. @MSFTCopilot is available to anyone, anywhere, on any device. Try now: — Microsoft (@Microsoft) February 7, 2024 Degen Aura And with all…Microsoft's Super Bowl AI Ad Will Get Dumbest People You Know Absolutely Hyped

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