My Experience Working With Entrepreneur Sunil Paul

The full story about working with Sunil Paul is on Push ROI. But the highlights: Spring Free EV approached my company Push ROI about providing marketing services. Spring Free EV negotiated a contract, resulting in both written clarification of the terms and changes to the terms Spring Free EV signed the contract, and I countersigned. After signing Spring Free EV informed me they wouldn’t honor the contract until I signed an adhesion contract containing terms that altered our current agreement. I said no. Spring Free EV breached the contract. Spring Free EV refused to pay the termination fees outlined in the contract. Spring Free refused to negotiate a settlement. Feel free to read the full story including screenshots and much more detail about the Spring Free EV contract breach. This article by Mason Pelt of Push ROI was first published in on march 15, 2022. Photo by: TechCrunch, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons The post My Experience Working With Entrepreneur Sunil Paul appeared first on Mason Pelt.My Experience Working With Entrepreneur Sunil Paul

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