Netflix expands its gaming library with the Grand Theft Auto Trilogy 

Last month, Netflix announced that the Grand Theft Auto (GTA) trilogy will be added to its games library in December, and it seems that time has finally arrived.  All three GTA titles are available to play on the world’s most popular streaming platform, following the epic Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer. New GTA games on Netflix are the “Definitive Edition” BIG NEWS: GTA III, Vice City, and San Andreas from the Grand Theft Auto Series are coming to Netflix Games for mobile on December 14!— Netflix (@netflix) November 29, 2023 However, this isn’t a surprise drop. The streaming platform had already confirmed the December 14 launch date on the App Store, Google Play Store, and Netflix, and the three titles are up for grabs right now: Grand Theft Auto 3 (iOS / Android) Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (iOS / Android) Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (iOS / Android) All three GTA titles are extremely popular and are part of the mainline games from the PS2 era. So, it’s a joyous occasion if you grew up playing these games. Also, it’s worth mentioning that all three entries are part of the “Definitive Edition.” So, you will find somewhat overhauled graphics and different soundtracks compared to the original ones.  You can download the games for free, but you will need an active Netflix subscription to play them. Either way, Netflix’s GTA trilogy comes right after the Rockstar Games’ announcement and the launch of the first trailer for Grand Theft Auto…Netflix expands its gaming library with the Grand Theft Auto Trilogy 

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