Netflix True Crime Producer Responds to AI Allegations in "What Jennifer Did" Documentary

Over the weekend, Futurism discovered some very strange pictures — with garbled hands and other details that are hallmarks of AI-generated or AI-manipulated images — images in the new Netflix true crime documentary called “What Jennifer Did.” The film tells a story of a woman named Jennifer Pan, who was convicted of orchestrating a murder-for-hire plot against her parents in Canada back in 2010. She is now serving life in prison. The images, which appear around the 28-minute mark of the documentary, include morphed fingers, bizarre and misshapen facial features, and garbled background objects. Questions abound. Did the film’s producers use existing archival images of Pan to generate new ones? Or were AI tools used to edit an existing image? Or do the images look like AI, but actually have another explanation? Now the executive producer of the documentary, Jeremy Grimaldi, has weighed in in an interview with the Toronto Star — but his remarks are hard to parse, and made no direct mention of AI. “Any filmmaker will use different tools, like Photoshop, in films,” he said. “The photos of Jennifer are real photos of her,” he added. “The foreground is exactly her. The background has been anonymized to protect the source.” Grimaldi’s comments are extremely vague on a core point: exactly what “photo editing software” did the team use to “anonymize” the images, and did they involve AI? When he says the foreground is “exactly her,” does that include her mangled fingers and teeth? It’s hard to know what to make of…Netflix True Crime Producer Responds to AI Allegations in "What Jennifer Did" Documentary

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