Netflix will no longer let subscribers pay via Apple iTunes

Netflix customers who pay for their subscriptions through Apple’s iTunes billing feature will need to find another way to shell out their hard-earned money for the streaming service. Starting this week, Netflix began notifying customers who pay for their subscription through iTunes or Apple Pay that they will need to add a credit card or other payment method to their account, or they may lose access to their account entirely, reported The Streamable. The move comes several years after the streaming service affirmed it would stop allowing new customers to pay for the streaming service through iTunes, though it kept the option for most of its existing subscribers who opted to pay for the service through Apple instead of directly via the Netflix website. In 2015, Netflix integrated iTunes billing into its app, allowing Apple iPhone, iPad and TV device users to pay for their plan without having to put a credit or debit card on file with the service. The company stopped offering iTunes billing as an option just three years later. Some subscribers liked the convenience of paying for the service through their Apple device, which required an active iTunes account, while others stuck around with iTunes billing because they received a favorable monthly rate at a time when the service was regularly increasing its price for other users. Netflix subscribers report payments made through Apple are failing One long-time customer said on X (formerly Twitter) that the service suddenly stopped working with Apple Pay this week,…Netflix will no longer let subscribers pay via Apple iTunes

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