New Galaxy Fit 3 leak from Samsung reveals everything

We are already aware of the next Samsung fitness tracker, the Galaxy Fit 3, courtesy of numerous leaks, revealing several details about the fitness tracker, including the design, colors, and battery capacity.  Today, we have a new leak that comes directly from Samsung – accidentally, of course, revealing almost every important detail about the Galaxy Fit 3, leaving nothing to our imagination. Yesterday, Samsung Gulf accidentally published the product page for the Galaxy Fit 3. The page was taken down immediately, but not before a few screenshots were taken, which flooded the internet soon after.  The screenshots reveal several key Galaxy Fit 3 details, including renders and specs. Let’s start with the Galaxy Fit 3 design Image: Samsung Gulf We have already seen the Galaxy Fit 3 renders through a previous leak, and it shows the same device on the leaked product page.  Samsung’s upcoming fitness tracker sports a rectangular, 1.6-inch 256 x 402 AMOLED display. The display is considerably larger than the one on its predecessor, the Galaxy Fit 2, which had a 1.1-inch 126 x 294 AMOLED screen.  The Galaxy Fit 3 also gets an aluminum body. The leak also reveals the 18.5 grams weight of the Galaxy Fit 3 without the strap, and with the strap, it is 36.8 grams, making it heavier than the Fit 2, which weighed 11.3 grams and 21 grams, respectively. However, the weight gain is understandable due to the bigger display and an all-aluminum body. The fitness tracking also brings a 5ATM/IP68…New Galaxy Fit 3 leak from Samsung reveals everything

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