New PlayStation 5 Pro leak shows powerful specs

The internet has been ablaze with hype around a potential upcoming PS5 Pro. While the device has yet to receive an official announcement, a new reliable source leaking the specs and a possible release window excites gamers more than ever. We’ve suspected a new iteration of the PlayStation 5 was in the works for some time now, but for the first time, we’re finally starting to see some solid information about the upcoming console. The PS5 Pro won’t be a successor but will serve as a mid-generation refresh, providing improved performance and visuals over the standard PS5 and PS5 Slim. So what’s new? Image: Unsplash While we don’t know much about how the upcoming PS5 Pro will look, we do, however, have an idea of what to expect from the specs; of course, this depends on the accuracy of the recent leaks. 576GBs system memory (28% boost in performance) 3.5GHz CPU clock speed (10% clock speed boost) Improved audio Improved ray tracing 33.5 teraflops of GPU power 8K resolution support Rumor also suggests that the PS5 Pro might take advantage of AI and include a new form of upscaling called PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution Upscaling (or PSSR) to help boost FPS in games. With such impressive improvements, we can expect developers to start taking advantage of the raw power of the upcoming PS5 Pro, creating visually stunning games with improved audio. When can we expect to see the PS5 Pro launch? If the leak is accurate, we can expect the…New PlayStation 5 Pro leak shows powerful specs

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