Newly leaked Motorola ad reveals the Razr 40 in all its glory

In a leaked video, Evan Blass, a trusted and proven phone leaker, shared a 44-second video revealing the upcoming Razr 40. The video is your standard phone teaser, and it shows multiple Motorola Razr phones folding open and closing, with the camera panning around each device. Usually, we would just include the video here via Blass’ tweet, but since his Twitter account is private, Twitter embeds aren’t an option. Instead, you can find the video below or via The Verge’s article here. Motorola will call the Razr 40 Ultra the Razr+ in the US, while the base model will just be called the Razr 40. Additionally, the non-Ultra device will have a smaller display on the outside versus a larger display on the Ultra model.  Users can customize the built-in software Motorola has upgraded some of the UI elements for its Android-based launcher. Users can customize font, layout, color, theme, and wallpaper. Motorola also offers other types of devices as well The company used to offer budget devices for quite some time. Recently, Motorola re-entered the smartphone market with more mid-range and higher-end devices. These include the G Stylus and the Edge series. Details-wise, the G Stylus offers a more affordable version compared to the Samsung Note line. Image: KnowTechie The Edge and Edge Plus series features high-end options like curved displays and faster processors.  The G Stylus 2023 is now available and can be picked up at Motorola and Amazon for roughly $199. However, Motorola is currently offering $50 off. Additionally,…Newly leaked Motorola ad reveals the Razr 40 in all its glory

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