Noel Gallagher Disgusted by AI-Generated Oasis Album

Look Back in Anger A second Gallagher brother has spoken out about AI-generated versions of his former band’s music — and because one brother loved it, the other, of course, had to hate it. In an interview with Spin magazine, Noel Gallagher — the crabbier of the two warring brothers who made up the backbone of 90s rock band Oasis — bashed the phenomenon of AI-generated versions of an artist’s voice, like the faux Drake song that lit the internet on fire last month. “Fucking embarrassing,” Gallagher told Spin. “I just think people clearly have too much time and money on their hands if they’re fucking around with that for a laugh. I mean, who wants to fucking hear Ringo Starr singing ‘She’s Electric’ and Freddie Mercury singing ‘Don’t Look Back in Anger?'” “Life’s too short for that shit,” he added. “Somebody sent me a text with a laughing face emoji saying, ‘is this real?'” Gallagher continued when asked how he’d heard about it. “Of course, it’s not real, you fucking moron!” Snizzled Out While this answer is pretty much par for the course for the elder Gallagher, it’s all the funnier because Liam, Noel’s younger brother, apparently loves AI generated music. After an album that used AI to imagine what it would be like if Oasis had never broken up dropped last month, someone asked the younger Gallagher brother if he’d listened to any of it. “Not the album,” he replied, adding that he’d “heard a tune” and thought “it’s…Noel Gallagher Disgusted by AI-Generated Oasis Album

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