Nothing brings iMessage to Android, but there could be a risk

In the last few months, the iMessage Blue vs Green bubble situation has become even more volatile in the US. And while Google and Apple were fighting about RCS, it seems Nothing has found a way out called Nothing Chats. The young company Nothing, known for the Nothing Phone (2), is launching a messaging platform to bring blue bubbles to Android.  However, there are two requirements: you need the Nothing Phone (2), and you need to trust the company with your Apple ID.  Nothing Chats is coming November 17, only for the Nothing Phone (2) Source: Nothing The London-based company Nothing has announced today that they are launching the Nothing Chats on November 17, and the app will be exclusive to the Nothing Phone (2). It brings iMessage compatibility to its handset and a few iMessage functions.  .stk-1c34d8d ul li{list-style-image:url(‘’) !important}.stk-1c34d8d li::marker{font-size:1.4em !important}Single messagingGroup chats Live typing indicators Full-resolution media sharingVoice notes Read receipts (coming soon)Message reactions and replies (coming soon) However, according to the company, the app is still in beta and offers RCS. You can download the app from the Google Play Store after the launch if you own a Phone (2) and live in the US, Canada, UK, EU, and other European countries, including Norway and Switzerland.  Unfortunately, there are security concerns around iMessage on Android You are not mistaken if you think an app has already brought iMessage to Android. The app is called Sunbird, which also promises the same, along with another app called Beeper. And Nothing…Nothing brings iMessage to Android, but there could be a risk

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