Nothing may reveal Nothing Phone 3 at MWC event on February 27

Nothing is cooking up something, likely the Nothing Phone 3, and is getting ready to reveal it on 27th February 2024.  While Nothing is a young company, it has already set a trend of revealing important details to hype up its launch during MWC.  Mobile World Congress 2024 is around the corner, and in 2022, Nothing used the conference to build hype for the Nothing Phone 1, as Carl Pei was spotted using a Phone 1. Similarly, in 2023, Pei and Qualcomm held a joint press release, where the Nothing Phone 2 was confirmed to feature a Snapdragon 8-series processor.  Following the same pattern, the company has announced an MWC event for 2024. We speculate the event is regarding the Nothing Phone 3, but the invitation Android Authority received doesn’t give much away. A better camera for the Nothing Phone 3! Source: Android Authority Unfortunately, besides the name and the location, the company didn’t provide anything, according to the outlet, except for the “Nothing to see” slogan. That said, the background does appear to feature a person using a smartphone to take a snap. Hence, the announcement could be related to the Nothing Phone 3 entirely or regarding the imaging capabilities of the Phone 3. The biggest complaints about the Nothing Phone 1 were the weak processor and the sub-per camera. The company took care of the processor issue with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 on the Nothing Phone 2.  So, the company may be now focusing on producing a…Nothing may reveal Nothing Phone 3 at MWC event on February 27

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