NPR Will Stop Tweeting Until Twitter Removes “State-affiliated” Label

NPR, National Public Radio, with it’s incredibly popular podcasts, and well actual radio broadcasts has perhaps the least need of Twitter of any news outlet in the world. And as I’ve said many times Twitter is not a traffic driver. For most media orgs Twitter is under 3% of total traffic. I know Musk disagrees, but he’s wrong. NPR says it won’t tweet from @NPR until Twitter removes false “state-affiliated” labelBy: Sarah Scire, April 7, 2023, Added context A few days ago Twitter added a US state-affiliated media label to NPR’s Twitter account. NPR gets about 1% of funding from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting via competitive grants. The label is normally used for outlets like Sputnik that are actually controlled by a nations media. Weirdly Stars and Stripes a paper run by United States Department of Defense does not have a US state-affiliated media label. Also per Techdirt NPR was Twitter’s example of what is not to be labeled ‘state-affiliated media” until after Twitter rolled out the change. The post NPR Will Stop Tweeting Until Twitter Removes “State-affiliated” Label appeared first on Mason Pelt.NPR Will Stop Tweeting Until Twitter Removes “State-affiliated” Label

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