NSPanel Pro: Sonoff’s answer to major smart home ecosystems

Smart technology and home ecosystems are great ways to make your home far more efficient. But which smart home ecosystem is right for you?  Google, Apple, and Amazon force you to buy into expensive ecosystems and don’t always offer a flexible experience nor often allow you to work with hardware from other brands.  With the NSPanel Pro from Sonoff, you can unite your home the way you want to, with unlimited potential to add most Zigbee 3.0 compatible devices into one hub under your control.   With most smart home controllers, you can take control of every little aspect of your house. But the problem is that many traditional home ecosystems limit your control to a certain extent, limiting what you can see, how, and when. This is why you should consider Sonoff NSPanel Pro instead.  NSPanel Pro by SONOFF The Sonoff NSPanel Pro offers centralized control for all your devices and scenes, integrates a Zigbee gateway for home security, and is compatible with numerous brands. It also includes practical features such as power consumption statistics, thermostat, call intercom, and more. Check Availability The NSPanel Pro is a great alternative to most ordinary home ecosystems you’ll find on the market. But what is so special about this alternative? How can you know that it’s the right choice for you? You might be so used to your current smart home gear that you might think you’re not interested in switching. But switching to an NSPanel Pro could be one of the best…NSPanel Pro: Sonoff’s answer to major smart home ecosystems

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