One UI 6.1 to bring AI video features exclusive to Galaxy S24

In its strive to compete with the likes of Google Pixel phones, Samsung is bringing AI-assisted features to its smartphones with the One UI 6.1.   It’s no secret that Samsung is betting big on AI features to make the Galaxy S24 series more desirable to users with Generative AI and AI processing. The company is already using the moniker “AI Phones” for its upcoming Galaxy S series phones. However, a leak from tipster Bennett Buhner indicates that the company is also bringing more AI-assisted features with its next big One UI 6.1 software update. One UI 6.1 Features for Galaxy S24 series!!!Galaxy S24 series will be so powerful, offering many new AI features, and some are EXCLUSIVE!!! – AI features: • (EXLUSIVE) AI processing for VIDEOS: This processing will improve low light performance, reduce grainienss, improve…— BenIt Bruhner Pro (@BennettBuhner) December 18, 2023 One UI 6.1 to bring exclusive features for the Galaxy S24  Naturally, the One UI 6.1 will debut with the Samsung Galaxy S24 series, especially, because the new device has the hardware necessary capable of processing AI tasks on-device. However, according to a new leak, the Korean company is planning to add a few more AI-assisted features with the One UI 6.1 that will be exclusive to the new phone.  For example, the new features include improved video recording and editing experience on the phones. While the feature is expected to improve low-light video, reduce graininess in clips, and enhance stability and exposure, Buhner didn’t clarify how…One UI 6.1 to bring AI video features exclusive to Galaxy S24

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