OnePlus 12 design revealed; launch moved to December 5

We now have our first look at the OnePlus 12. We had previously gotten a December 4 Chinese launch announcement, and now OnePlus has pushed the launch back by one day, while revealing the design early.  It’s no secret that OnePlus is gearing up to launch its next flagship smartphone. The company has been marketing the device relentlessly. We’ve seen official camera samples showcasing the device’s camera capabilities, some real-world images of the device, and the device’s color options, which will come with a glass finish.  Now, according to Android Authority, the company has gone a step further and released the first official images of the OnePlus 12. There’s also an official “Learn More” page on the company’s Chinese website over a week before the Chinese launch, and a Weibo launch announcement which points to a new December 5 launch date. The Alert Slider on the OnePlus 12 has a new location Based on the images, OnePlus has changed the placement of the Alert Slider on the OnePlus 12. The popular mute switch slider will now reside on the left side of the phone instead of the right. According to OnePlus, this specific change allowed the company to use a new integrated antenna to deliver enhanced gaming performance. OnePlus wrote in the press release,  Based on internal testing, it has been determined that the optimal position for gaming antennas is between the forefingers of the user when the phone is held in landscape orientation. However, the space is currently occupied by…OnePlus 12 design revealed; launch moved to December 5

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