OnePlus 12 subtly confirmed to have wireless charging support

After yesterday’s OnePlus 12 design reveal, we have been getting constant updates from the company. First, we have an official teaser for the OnePlus 12. In addition to that, the OnePlus China president Li Jie has confirmed a few more details, including wireless charging for the OnePlus 12. This has been a notable omission from it’s latest flagship, the OnePlus Open. The OnePlus 11 was considerably cheaper in terms of a flagship. While a cheaper price tag is good, it also means several cutbacks had to be made to hit the price tag. One of the OnePlus 11’s most regretful compromises was the wireless charging.  However, this year, the company officially confirmed that the OnePlus 12 is indeed coming with a wireless charging option. According to the OnePlus China president Li Jie’s Weibo post, the OnePlus 12 will offer the feature, but the executive didn’t get into the details. However, previous leaks pointed to 50W wireless speeds. OnePlus clarifies why the OnePlus 12 is not a “Pro” Source: OnePlus In another Weibo post, OnePlus China president Li Jie revealed why the device is named OnePlus 12, not the OnePlus 12 Pro, despite coming with hardware and features to surpass all rival Pro handsets. This is exactly what the executive had to say, When companies define products, they often first define a ‘Pro version’ with a strong product and then make various trade-offs on the product to get a so-called ‘standard version’ to hold the price. This obviously cannot meet the needs of…OnePlus 12 subtly confirmed to have wireless charging support

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