OnePlus 13 rumored to get an innovative new curved display

OnePlus returned to form with 2024’s OnePlus 12, which turned out to be an exceptional Android smartphone at $800. Only the handset’s IP65 rating raised some eyebrows.  That said, the company’s next flagship handset, the OnePlus 13 is already rumored to shake up the lineup with a radical redesign. And according to a new leak, the Micro Quad-Curved display will be a part of this redesign. The revelation came through a recent exchange in X/Twitter from the tipster Yogesh Brar. The tipster tweeted a response to a claim that OPPO’s next flagship, the Find X8 Ultra, will use a Micro Quad-Curved display. Brar stated that OPPO, alongside its sister company OnePlus, will use Micro Quad-Curved panels in the future on both flagship and mid-range handsets.  What does this mean for the OnePlus 13? Source: OnePlus We have a long way to go for OnePlus 13’s launch. However, the rumor mill has already started spitting out OnePlus 13 rumors, including a recent one that suggested the next OnePlus flagship would get a radical redesign, finally eliminating its circular camera island.  The rumored Micro Quad-Curved panel will likely be a part of that redesign.  While there’s no official word, we presume the phrase describes a display curved on all sides.We are already familiar with displays with curved side edges and now imagine the curved extended to the top and bottom, providing an almost bezel-less look. Now, there probably won’t be any functional benefits to this new display, but there will be a…OnePlus 13 rumored to get an innovative new curved display

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