OpenAI CEO Freaks Out, Threatens to Leave EU Over New AI Regulations

Land Grab As the European Union readies its new artificial intelligence rules, the head of OpenAI is already preparing his counter-attack. OpenAI CEO Sam Altman told a British audience in a recent appearance at University College London that although he his firm is “gonna try to comply” with the new EU-wide rules, he has “a lot” to be critical of, Time magazine reports. During the talk, which is part of a series of appearances throughout Europe, Altman said that he’d met with EU regulators and that some of the language in the law gave him pause — particularly, he said, its designation of ChatGPT, GPT-4 and similar forms of generative AI as “high risk,” a characterization the CEO does not agree with (though it’s worth noting that he once told friends that he hoards guns, water, and gas masks in case of “AI that attacks us.”) While the EU’s proposed AI rules aren’t the first time a governing body has taken on AI — Italy infamously banned both ChatGPT and Replika, the “AI companion app,” this year over data privacy and child welfare concerns — this would be a watershed moment in terms of international AI regulation. Clearly it’s a big deal for OpenAI, and its CEO isn’t exactly happy about it. AI Overlord If the law moves forward with its current or similar language, such a designation would compel AI firms to comply with additional sets of requirements that Altman is clearly against. “Either we’ll be able to solve…OpenAI CEO Freaks Out, Threatens to Leave EU Over New AI Regulations

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