OpenAI is reportedly gearing GPT-5 for a 2024 summer release

OpenAI, the crew that launched the AI chat revolution with ChatGPT, is gearing up to unleash their latest breakthrough: GPT-5. We’re hearing from folks in the know that this release is slated for sometime in the middle of the year, likely around summer. Some big players in the business world have already had a sneak peek at what GPT-5 can do, and word on the street is they’re impressed. These insiders, who’ve chatted with Business Insider on the condition of anonymity, say this new version is a game-changer. “It’s really good, like materially better,” remarked one CEO who caught a glimpse of GPT-5 in action. OpenAI didn’t just show off what it could do; it tailored demos with data specific to its company. And there’s a buzz about even more features that haven’t been shown to the public yet, like AI agents and mini chatbots that could take on tasks all by themselves. But don’t mark your calendars just yet – OpenAI’s keeping the actual release date under wraps for now, and they’re still putting GPT-5 through its paces. The final step before we get our hands on it includes many safety tests and a “red teaming” phase. That’s when both OpenAI employees and some chosen outsiders try to poke holes in the system, ensuring it’s solid before it goes live. While the AI community eagerly awaits further details about GPT-5, it’s clear that the upcoming model will represent a significant step forward in the quest for more advanced, reliable,…OpenAI is reportedly gearing GPT-5 for a 2024 summer release

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