OpenAI Refuses to Comment on Secretive Q* AI

Chaos erupted following the abrupt dismissal — and subsequent rehiring — of OpenAI CEO Sam Altman earlier this month. More than a week later, the dust is only beginning to settle. One of the most tantalizing aspects of the story was news that the company had secretly been working on a next-generation AI model dubbed Q*, pronounced Q star, which allegedly has the ability to reason sufficiently to answer grade school-level math prompts. Last week, Reuters and The Information reported on an internal memo sent out by Mira Murati, a former OpenAI nonprofit board member who held the title of CEO for a very short period following Altman’s dismissal, acknowledging the existence of the project. The reports led to plenty of speculation. Was the project in any way related to Altman’s dismissal? Is Q* really as powerful as it’s rumored to be? Could it be a sign that OpenAI is inching closer to its goal of realizing artificial general intelligence, an algorithm that could complete complex tasks as well as or even better than humans? We’ve known about Q* for six days now and we’re still none the wiser. OpenAI, which has historically developed its AI tech under tight wraps, has pointedly refused to comment on the matter, as The Atlantic points out. While a spokesperson refused to give a statement, insiders told the magazine that OpenAI is in fact working on Q* and has already used it to solve math problems. However, they argued that the existence of the project likely wasn’t enough to trigger fears…OpenAI Refuses to Comment on Secretive Q* AI

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