OpenAI Ridicules Elon Musk's "Incoherent" Lawsuit

In an excoriating response, OpenAI has pushed back against Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s lawsuit, accusing him of making “convoluted” and “incoherent” claims. It’s the ChatGPT maker’s first legal response to the lawsuit filed by Musk last month, as Bloomberg reports. Musk is accusing the company he cofounded in 2015 of transforming into a “closed-source de facto subsidiary” of investor Microsoft, ignoring its own promise of developing a “safe” AI that “benefits all of humanity.” Setting aside Musk’s own glaring double standards, the lawsuit was likely never meant to actually survive any kind of legal challenge. The whole thing seems to hinge on a strange idea, as observers have pointed out: that OpenAI breached a contract that didn’t actually exist. “The relief Musk seeks is as extraordinary as his claims are contrived,” OpenAI wrote in a new filing in San Francisco’s state court. “Musk requests an order compelling OpenAI to reorganize and distribute its technology in accordance with the terms of his fictitious contract.” OpenAI argues that it never violated its contract with Musk because “there is no founding agreement, or any agreement at all with Musk, as the complaint itself makes clear.” Musk’s claims “rest on convoluted — often incoherent — factual premises,” the company’s lawyers wrote. The beef between Musk and OpenAI goes back many years. Musk cofounded the AI company alongside current CEO Sam Altman in 2015. Four years later, Musk left the company, citing disagreements with leadership that were likely related to executives’ efforts to push for a profit-driven…OpenAI Ridicules Elon Musk's "Incoherent" Lawsuit

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