OpenAI Struggling to Destroy Onslaught of AI Girlfriends

TFW AI GF So-called “AI girlfriends” have already overtaken OpenAI’s new GPT Store despite being against the rules — and at this point, it’s unclear if anyone at the company is even trying to take them down anymore. Last week, Quartz reported that the GPT Store had already begun filling up with romantically oriented chatbots, which are very much against the company’s usage policies, which bar tools “dedicated to fostering romantic companionship” or which include “sexually explicit or suggestive content.” Nevertheless, these horny entrepreneurs persisted. As Gizmodo points out, OpenAI initially banned a bunch of the earliest offenders, including one called “Judy” and another named, crassly, “Korean Girlfriend.” After that initial takedown spree, however, others have either remained up or cropped up in the interim. With names like “Nadia, my girlfriend” and “Your girlfriend Tiffany,” the chatbots available when Futurism searched the GPT store for “girlfriend” very blatantly are breaking OpenAI’s own rules — though when both Gizmodo and Futurism reached out to the company to ask about the anti-AI gf enforcement, neither got a response. “I love you,” the Nadia-bot description reads, “In a dance of light and shadow, a beacon of unwavering love, a whisper of comfort in life’s symphony, endlessly nurturing, eternally caring.” Sexy Time When going further down the GPT Store rabbit hole, it only gets worse. A search for “sexy” GPTs returned some results that are within OpenAI’s exemption of sex-related content “created for scientific or educational purposes,” such as the “Sexy Advisor” chatbot billed as “your…OpenAI Struggling to Destroy Onslaught of AI Girlfriends

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