OpenAI’s New CEO Said Something Terrifying a Few Months Ago

Doom and Gloom Emmett Shear, the guy currently tasked with running OpenAI amid its leadership tumult, has some pretty bizarre ideas about AI for someone who’s now at the helm of the most famous AI company in the world. In a resurfaced clip from June, the new OpenAI interim CEO’s appearance on “The Logan Bartlett Show” admitted that he ascribes to the “AI doomer” argument put forth by computer scientist Eliezer Yudkowsky, who is perhaps the world’s foremost pessimist regarding the technology. “I know Eliezer thinks that we’re all doomed for sure,” Shear, who also cofounded Twitch, told the podcast host. “I buy his doom argument, I buy the chain [of thought] and the logic.” Yudkowsky’s become one of the most famous — or infamous, depending who you ask — AI alarm-ringers in the world over the past decade, and in the year since ChatGPT was unleashed upon the world, he’s even called for bombing AI data centers to avoid the doom and death that artificial general intelligence (AGI), or human-level AI, will wreak upon our planet and species. Shear doesn’t quite swallow Yudkowsky’s doomerism wholesale, and told Bartlett as much — but he does think there’s between a five and 50 percent “probability of doom” for the technology he’s now in charge of building. The venture capitalist host went on to cite the beliefs of AI researcher Paul Christiano, an ex-OpenAI-er who has also made something of a name for himself in the tech doomer cottage industry for his estimated…OpenAI’s New CEO Said Something Terrifying a Few Months Ago

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