Orwellian Goal

If George Orwell had one goal, and that goal was to write a book that people who hadn’t read it would bring up in conversation as if it was the only fictional work to comment on politics prior to televised animation, he completed his goal with more success than any other person. 1984 is also one of my all time favorite books. It deserves to be read, contemplated, and analyzed, as do many other books. But 1984’s commentary on the world was remarkably well defined with in the work, the historical context around it, and by all of Orwell’s other works. Orwell wrote an essay about how he makes tea. If someone wished to, they could analyze that essay to the point that they turn it into a religion. But it’s literally just about tea. Putting the tea into the pot directly wasn’t a commentary on education. It’s not like Orwell was known for being unclear, and unable to speak for himself. You’d struggle to find a professional writer who hasn’t read the Politics and the English Language essay. So when he writes a book that clearly contextualizes something, it wasn’t a mistake.When people draw 1984 comparisons to current events that are contextually entirely outside of anything contained in the book. I assume that they didn’t read 1984. Bringing me full circle. Article by Mason Pelt of Push ROI. First published in MasonPelt.com on August 11, 2021. Photo: “1984 Book Covers” by colindunn is licensed under CC BY 2.0 The post Orwellian Goal appeared first on Mason Pelt.Orwellian Goal

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