People Are Animating Popular Memes With AI to Horrific Effect

Grotesque Simulacrum Generative AI has now made it possible to turn any image into a video — and naturally, people are shoving memes into the machine and producing monstrosities. To be fair, there have been other AI image-to-video generators before, but none so buzzy — or bizarre — as the new offering from Stability AI, the company responsible for the Stable Diffusion image generator, which has over the past few days been the site of some truly uncanny concoctions. In one animation of the “distracted boyfriend” meme, for instance, the primary man’s face starts to glitch out, while the face of the other woman in the foreground starts to shrink and then elongate like something out of a Miyazaki film. In another iteration, the man can be heard whistling at the woman who is not his girlfriend, and as she turns around to see who is catcalling her, a cardigan appears where there wasn’t one before — which, to be fair, would be a great trick IRL when getting street harassed. Never mind… — Ionut «John» Burchi (@burconsult) November 24, 2023 Not creepy enough? Try on for size, if you will, the animated rendition of the ancient “overly attached girlfriend” meme, which is actually pretty smooth compared to the previous ones but also that much more “unsettling” for it. Stable Diffusion Video is actually bananas, this took 30 seconds — Chris Frantz (@frantzfries) November 24, 2023 Behind the Throne Interestingly, Stability’s new AI tool, known as Stable Video…People Are Animating Popular Memes With AI to Horrific Effect

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