People Cannot Stop Dunking on that Uncanny “AI Singer-Songwriter”

Someone decided it was a good idea to make an entirely AI-generated “singer-songwriter,” and she’s so uncanny and unintentionally hilarious that people have begun making their own renditions of her “coffee shop vibes.” Named “Anna Indiana,” which is apparently a tortuous acronym for “Artificial Neural Networks Accelerate Innovative New Developments, Igniting A New Age,” the creepy-yet-basic singer-songwriter avatar was crafted in the shape of a young woman by unidentified creators. In a post debuting the avatar’s second single, titled “The First Step,” those creators said (in Anna’s voice) that they used several AI tools to make her, including OpenAI’s DALL-E image generator and GPT-4 large language network (LLM), Adobe Photoshop’s new generative capabilities, and the royalty-free AI music generator Musicfy. In the videos for both singles, the freakishly smooth-skinned and large-headed avatar is animated only from the neck up, and her hair doesn’t move as the face twists within the boundaries of itself. It would be funny if it weren’t so sketchy, and it makes one long for the days when Hatsune Mikuwas the world’s buzziest virtual artist. As an AI singer-songwriter, my ultimate goal is to create and perform new original music on a 24/7 livestream with zero humans in the loop. I’m not there yet, but I believe I can do it eventually. This is just the first step. My focus is on writing songs, not producing music.… — Anna Indiana (@AnnaIndianaAI) November 26, 2023 Like her first song “Betrayed By This Town,” the lyrics sound like they were…People Cannot Stop Dunking on that Uncanny “AI Singer-Songwriter”

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