Philips unveils new dual monitor with an e-ink side-panel display

Remember when e-ink was going to save our eyeballs from strain? Well, it mostly stuck to e-readers and a few laptops. But Philips isn’t letting that dream die, as they’ve cooked up the Business Monitor Dual Screen Display. Don’t let the snooze-worthy name fool you – it’s a bizarrely intriguing combo of a 24-inch IPS monitor and a 13.3-inch black-and-white ePaper display in one unit. It sports a 13.3-inch vertical panel with a humble 1600×1200 resolution. The matte, 4-bit grayscale screen is perfect for tackling lengthy documents without frying your eyes, and like most Amazon Kindles, it shines in low light thanks to a front light. The standalone screen comes with DisplayPort, HDMI, and USB-C connections at a cool $800, which is par for the course in this niche market. Image: KnowTechie GoodEReader spilled the beans on the more bonkers dual-screen version, fusing the ePaper display with an ordinary 23.8-inch, 1440p IPS monitor into a solid, single beast. FeatureStandalone e-Paper DisplayDual Screen DisplayScreen Size13.3-inch24-inch IPS + 13.3-inch ePaperResolution1600×12001440p (IPS), 1600×1200 (ePaper)Grayscale4-bit4-bit (ePaper)Low-Light FunctionalityFront lightFront light (ePaper)ConnectionsDisplayPort, HDMI, USB-CDisplayPort, HDMI, USB-C, Ethernet, 4x USB-AVESA Mount Compatibility–YesSoftware for Remote Viewing–Yes (ePaper half)Price$800$1599.99 They’re joined at the hip with a hinge, and the rear monitor mount is smack dab in the middle, giving it a funky off-center vibe that’s surprisingly practical and ergonomic. You can even VESA mount this bad boy. It has the same inputs as the standalone version, Ethernet, four USB-A ports for easy connections, and USB-C power delivery of up…Philips unveils new dual monitor with an e-ink side-panel display

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