Pixel 8 Pro can finally measure your body temperature

Google launched the Pixel 8 Pro in October 2023 with a new gimmick – the Temperature sensor. I say gimmick, as Google clarified at the launch, the sensor and accompanying Thermometer app were only capable of measuring object temperatures. The Temperature sensor doesn’t work on humans as it doesn’t have the necessary FDA approvals. However, all that changed with the first Pixel drop of the year.  According to Google, users can now employ the Thermometer app to record the human body temperature.  In the company’s own words, it’s a “medical-grade feature” – meaning Google has secured FDA approval. Measure body temperature with the Thermometer app on the Pixel 8 Pro  Image: Google The Pixel 8 Pro has an infrared sensor on its back, right next to the camera, that can be used as a thermometer in collaboration with Google’s Thermometer app.  According to Google, it was able to finally get the FDA approval after several clinical trials its software was subjected to.  In these trials, Google’s software was able to “calculate body temperature in the range of 96.9°F – 104°F (36.1°C – 40°C) to within ±0.3°C when compared with an FDA-cleared temporal artery thermometer.” The new feature also comes with a set of instructions to successfully measure the body’s temperature with the Pixel 8 Pro.  According to the instructions, you need to raise the handset as high as your forehead. The idea is to bring the sensor as close to your forehead as possible but without any contact with the…Pixel 8 Pro can finally measure your body temperature

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