Pixel Tablet 2 is coming, reveal references in new Android 14 beta

Google firmly established its place in the Android tablet market with the first-generation Pixel Tablet. Now, a new report has revealed clues indicating a successor, the Pixel Tablet 2, is on the way.  9to5Google unveiled the clues to the Pixel Tablet 2 after the folks there dug into the codes of the first Android 14 QPR3 beta, revealing the codenames, “Clementine” and “Kiyomi.” However, that’s not all. The outlet has gone into why they think these citrus-related names indicate the next Pixel Tablet (or tablets). The future of the Pixel Tablet 2 is still a blur Image: Google According to the outlet, “Kiyomi” is a hybrid Japanese citrus fruit, which follows the same codename as the original Pixel tablet that had the moniker “Tangor” during its development.  Even if we take the report as accurate, having just a codename doesn’t mean a launch will follow. The company could easily kill the project, and Google is the master of killing projects.  On the other hand, look at the original Pixel Tablet. While impressive and showed great promise, it was far from a whopping success.  While the Pixel Tablet 2 would be the obvious guess for Google’s next tablet’s name, we aren’t even sure if that is accurate.  However, we wouldn’t leave out the possibility of a Pixel Tablet Pro. Coincidentally, the report also reveals two codenames.  Either way, Google may or may not be working on the Pixel Tablet 2. Even if the company is working on the next tablet, it has…Pixel Tablet 2 is coming, reveal references in new Android 14 beta

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