PlayStation 5 Slim leaked photos point to an always-online disc drive

The first real-world image of the upcoming PlayStation 5 Slim has been leaked. It happened a few hours ago on X/Twitter, but the leaker, user @phantompainss, removed it from the feed as fast as possible, likely due to intervention from Sony. Thankfully, the folks at The Verge were quick on their feet and were able to capture a screenshot of the first real image of the new PS5 Slim. We’ve previously seen the PS5 Slim in a leaked video. The image shows the PlayStation 5 Slim console up close, standing next to its chunkier and older counterpart, the original PlayStation 5.  Source: The Verge The new slimmer PS5, is expected to go on sale later this month, is priced at $499.99, and $449.99 for the digital version. It looks slightly slimmer and smaller in direct comparison to the original PS5. The folks at The Verge noted the PlayStation 5 Slim has the same posts as its bulkier counterpart. So, you are getting the same single HDMI port, two USB ports, and an ethernet port, and expect nothing else.  You likely won’t be able to use the PS5 Slim disc drive without internet  Source: Sony While the leaked image shows the detachable disc drive of the PlayStation 5 Slim in full view, the image also showcased the setup screen, which confirms the widely speculated rumor about the disc drive needing an internet connection to function.  The setup screen prompt says the following.  Can’t use your disc drive. You need to connect your…PlayStation 5 Slim leaked photos point to an always-online disc drive

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