Pluralistic: Electrons, not molecules (06 Mar 2024)

Today’s links Electrons, not molecules: Renewables don’t generate above-average returns for Exxon’s shareholders. Hey look at this: Delights to delectate. This day in history: 2009, 2014, 2019, 2023 Upcoming appearances: Where to find me. Recent appearances: Podcasts, events and more. Latest books: You keep readin’ em, I’ll keep writin’ ’em. Upcoming books: Like I said, I’ll keep writin’ ’em. Colophon: All the rest. Electrons, not molecules (permalink) When hydrocarbon barons do their damndest to torch the Earth with fossil fuels, they call us dreamers. They insist that there’s a hard-nosed reality – humanity needs energy – and they’re the ones who live in it, while we live in the fairy land where the world can run on sunshine and virtuous thoughts. Without them making the tough decisions, we’d all be starving in the frigid dark. Here’s the thing: they’re full of shit. Mostly. Humanity does need energy if we’re going to avoid starving in the frigid dark, but that energy doesn’t have to come from fossil fuels. Indeed, in the long-term, it can’t. Even if you’re a rootin’ tootin, coal-rollin’ climate denier, there’s a hard-nosed reality you can’t deny: if we keep using fossil fuels, they will someday run out. Remember “peak oil” panic? Fossil fuels are finite, and the future of the human race needn’t be. We need more. Thankfully, we have it. Despite what you may have heard, renewables are more than up to the task. Indeed, it’s hard to overstate just how much renewable energy is available…Pluralistic: Electrons, not molecules (06 Mar 2024)

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