Police Called After AI-Generated "Willy Wonka Experience" Is a Sad Mess in Real Life

An event described as a “Willy Wonka Experience” in Scotland descended into chaos after furious parents called the cops, telling organizers they’d been duped. The organizer behind the event, a company called House of Illuminati — yes, that’s its actual name — used what clearly seem to be AI-generated images on its website to lure families into shelling out $44 a ticket. Per The Guardian, the “immersive experience” was allegedly based on “Wonka,” a recent blockbuster starring Timothée Chalamet. But perhaps unsurprisingly, the actual event didn’t manage to get anywhere near the fantastical landscapes dreamed up by an AI image generator in marketing materials. In reality, photos show a depressing warehouse sparsely populated by cheap-looking, larger-than-life objects, as well as folding tables and benches. It’s a particularly glaring example of AI technology being used to mislead people. More and more companies are making use of image generators to take care of their marketing, efforts that not only threaten the livelihoods of human artists but can also easily land companies in hot water. As The Guardian reports, children were left in tears upon showing up at the Willy Wonka event, with angry parents gathering in a Facebook group called “House of Illuminati scam” to vent their frustrations. More footage from the House of Illuminati Wonka Experience [kid starts crying] pic.twitter.com/fHiXvDHE1p — GODFEEL (@GODFXXL) February 27, 2024 “My heart sank,” Paul Connell, an actor who had been hired by House of Illuminati to perform at the event, told STV News. “It was — it…Police Called After AI-Generated "Willy Wonka Experience" Is a Sad Mess in Real Life

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