Police Investigating AI-Generated Nudes of New Jersey High Schoolers

Question Mark After AI-generated nudes of teen girls began circulating in a New Jersey high school, neither parents, school officials nor even local law enforcement have been able to figure out how to deal with it. As the Wall Street Journal reports, girls at a school in the affluent New York City suburb of Westfield learned weeks ago in October that AI-manipulated images of them were being shared in group chats by boys at their school. But thus far, there hasn’t been much in the way of punishment — and it’s still unclear who even made the fake nudes to begin with. When reached by the WSJ, a spokesperson Westfield High School confirmed that the incident had taken place, but declined to name any students involved to protect confidentiality. In one email sent on October 20, school principal Mary Asfendis called the debacle a “very serious incident,” and said that she believed the images had been deleted and were no longer in circulation. The parents of the girls involved also took the situation to local police and even their state senator, but they don’t seem to know what to do either. That’s likely because, as the WSJ acknowledges, the dark side of AI — which now allows people to digitally “undress” unwitting subjects or create phony nudes of them with little more than an iPhone — has progressed much faster than the law. Slow Roll Thus far, there are only a handful of states, including New York, that have enacted laws that…Police Investigating AI-Generated Nudes of New Jersey High Schoolers

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