Power-up Christmas w/ BLUETTI’s portable power station sale

Did you miss Black Friday deals on portable power stations? Guess what? Christmas savings are coming. BLUETTI, a leading brand in portable power solutions, is giving you one last chance to get the power station of your dreams at a massive discount, up to 38% off from December 11th to the 25th. Explore the BLUETTI Christmas collection BLUETTI power stations present a unique and practical gift option for yourself, your family, and your friends. They’ll keep your Christmas tree lights shining all season long at home or in the great outdoors. Fast-charging powerhouse: BLUETTI AC200L Starts at $1499 (was $1699), save $200 Image: BLUETTI Recharging a battery without a loud charging brick? The newly-released AC200L’s got you. It features a bi-directional inverter that supports 2,400W output and 2,400W charging directly from the wall. To extend its runtime, you can add expansion batteries to it or hook it with solar panels for constant 1,200W charging. The built-in UPS mode with a 20-millisecond swap time ensures that you never have to worry about sudden power outages. See at BLUETTI On-the-go power: BLUETTI AC70 Starts at $499 (was $599), save $100 Image: BLUETTI The AC70 is a grab-and-go generator for your holiday camping and emergency backup. Portable yet robust, the AC70 weighs only 10.2kg(22.5lbs) and delivers 1,000W power for small appliances and gadgets. Plus, the associated BLUETTI app lets you monitor and remotely control the unit in real-time from the comfort of your sleeping bag during your camping. See at BLUETTI Outdoor solar…Power-up Christmas w/ BLUETTI’s portable power station sale

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