Powerful AI tool Actionize connects GPT to everything

From the creator of notable tools like Chatwith, Spell.so and Gobblebot, indie hacker Rafal Zawadzki is at it once again. Today, we spotlight his latest unveiling — Actionize, a powerful AI tool set to change how your GPT communicates… with everything. Imagine if your GPT could shoot off emails in Gmail, send newsletters with Mailchimp, and dig out info from Google Sheets. It’s not just talk – with Actionize, it’s a reality and can connect your GPT to pretty much anything. So, how does it work? Actionize acts like a bridge between your GPT and thousands of apps. Image: KnowTechie You craft “actions,” which are essentially commands for your GPT. These actions can range from extracting data from Google Sheets to overseeing your Shopify store. Tools like Zapier or Make.com are instrumental in this process. Once you’ve established your instructions, the next step is to integrate them with your GPT. Actionize facilitates this crucial meeting point, teaching your AI the ins and outs of each command. Here’s a quick breakdown: You start creating actions. Imagine each “action” as an instruction you give to your GPT. It could be anything like “pull data from Google Sheets,” or “manage my Shopify store”. Tools such as Zapier or Make.com come in handy for this. Image: KnowTechie After your instructions are created and set up, you’ll have to tell your GPT how to use these actions. Actionize is the stage where your instructions and AI meet—the integrative step where the GPT learns the what, how, and why…Powerful AI tool Actionize connects GPT to everything

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