Programmer Creates Grim Tool to Clone Anyone as an "AI Girlfriend"

Sacha_GPT Here’s a particularly grim new use for AI: Vice reports that there’s a new tool to “clone” a real person as an AI-powered romantic companion, with or without the consent of the real person. “I’ve been obsessing with OpenAI’s Large Language Model (LLM) and what it can do. I kept on thinking about the ability to create human-like agents that behave and act like humans do but found it hard to evaluate them,” Enias Cailliau, the programmer behind the project — dubbed GirlfriendGPT — told Vice. “Then I saw how a ton of AI girlfriend projects popped up with some interesting features.” “Most of them are closed-source,” he added. “That made me want to build an open-source version of this so everyone could build their own.” So that’s what Cailliau did, apparently. As Vice reports, the programmer used OpenAI’s GPT model, in addition to the Google chatbot Bard, the voice-generating AI firm ElevenLabs, and the text-to-image generator Stable Diffusion, to construct what’s effectively an open-source Build Your Own On-Demand Girlfriend template, basing the first iteration of the machine on someone close to him: his real-life girlfriend. Last weekend I cloned my girlfriend with GPT. Here's how I did it. — Enias Cailliau (@eniascailliau) May 25, 2023 Consent Questions The girlfriend in question, Sacha Ludwig, told Vice that she was fully on board with the project. “Enias has been talking about AI companions for weeks now,” said Ludwig, “so I found it cool that he wanted to try to clone…Programmer Creates Grim Tool to Clone Anyone as an "AI Girlfriend"

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