Project Q is the Wii U that Sony wants you to have in 2023

Sony recently held their annual event, called the PlayStation Showcase, where they revealed what’s coming soon. It’s similar to the good old-fashioned Nintendo Direct that Nintendo has done for years. But, with no E3 anymore, it’s a bit more of a wild west situation for announcing content each year. During the broadcast, they showed off tons of upcoming games across their flagship system and PlayStation VR2. Before they finished off with Spider-Man 2, they dropped some tidbits of hardware news. They announced “Project Q” and “PlayStation Earbuds” at the same time. Project Q is the Wii U that Nintendo fans wanted in 2012 Project Q is sort of Sony’s spiritual successor to their Remote Play feature. Even though the service still is around, this version is a stand-alone device away from your phones or computers. It’s around the size of a DualSense controller and packs an 8-inch 1080p HD screen in the middle. For comparison, it reminds us of the controller phone cases you can buy from Razer. But Twitter (and the internet) has taken to calling it a knock-off Wii U gamepad. We’d argue, but Foamstars, which was announced in the same Showcase, is absolutely just Splatoon, with bubbles and human waifus. For context, Splatoon was a Wii U game originally. Maybe Project Q is just a Sony Wii U after all. Image: KnowTechie You can play all of your PS5 games directly on it. However, from the look of it, you’re going to require an internet connection to…Project Q is the Wii U that Sony wants you to have in 2023

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