Protesters Swarm OpenAI

Around 30 activists gathered near the entrance to OpenAI’s San Francisco office earlier this week, Bloomberg reports, calling for an AI boycott in light of the company announcing it was working with the US military. Last month, the Sam Altman-led company quietly removed a ban on “military and warfare” from its usage policies, a change first spotted by The Intercept. Days later,¬†OpenAI confirmed it was working with the US Defense Department on open-source cybersecurity software. Holly Elmore, who helped organize this week’s OpenAI protest, told Bloomberg that the problem is even bigger than the company’s questionable willingness to work with military contractors. “Even when there are very sensible limits set by the companies, they can just change them whenever they want,” she said. OpenAI maintains that in spite of its obvious flexibility around rules, it still has a ban in place against having its AI be used to build weapons or harm people. During a Bloomberg talk at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland last month, OpenAI VP of global affairs Anna Makanju argued that its collaboration with the military “very much aligned with what we want to see in the world.” “We are already working with DARPA to spur the creation of new cybersecurity tools to secure open source software that critical infrastructure and industry depend on,” an OpenAI spokesperson told The Register¬†at the time. OpenAI’s quiet policy reversal hasn’t sat well with organizers of this week’s demonstration. Elmore leads US operations for a community of volunteers called…Protesters Swarm OpenAI

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