Psychedelics Researcher Enlists AI Artist to Draw Beings They Met While Tripping on DMT

Psychonaut Encounters Artificial intelligence has opened new doors for psychedelics enthusiasts to show the world the beautiful realms they inhabit when tripping. As┬áVice reports, veteran psychedelics researcher David Jay Brown of the group Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) has joined forces with artist Sara Phinn to document the many, multifaceted beings they and others have met on DMT. The potent psychedelic drug often leads to trips that are characterized by visions of loving alien entities. While so-called “psychonauts” have described the beings they’ve encountered while high on DMT for half a century now, Phinn and Brown’s endeavor is unique not only because they’re cataloging a variety of creatures, but also because the artist is using generative AI tools such as Midjourney to document these entities. And the results are, as expected, trippy as hell, ranging from ethereal “spirits of the dead” to “jesters,” gleaming in neon colors. "Hyperspace : Harlequin"2023Mj v5/procreate/glitchlab — sara phinn (@Saraphinn) April 17, 2023 Vision Quest Guide In an interview with┬áVice, the pair argued that the rising popularity of DMT, heralded in by a growing acceptance, necessitated a need for a guidebook. Researchers have increasingly been studying the effects of the drug, which has become so commonplace, it is being sold in the form of vape pens. “Since DMT has become so popular and entity encounters have become rather common, we thought that it’d be helpful and fun to create an illustrated, naturalistic field guide,” Brown told Vice. The researcher said that he and…Psychedelics Researcher Enlists AI Artist to Draw Beings They Met While Tripping on DMT

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