Pushing for privacy: Apple requires warrants for notification data

Apple makes a lot of noise about how its devices are made for user privacy and how they limit ad tracking. The company also recently made it harder for iPhone thieves to get useful data off a device in their hands. However, a recent report showed that Apple and Google were handing over sensitive information to governments whenever asked. The government has been collecting users’ push notification records from Apple for years. The company’s recent policy change put a stop to that. Now, they require a search warrant before handing over data. Why Apple updated its legal policy Image: Unsplash On December 6, 2023, Oregon Senator Ron Wyden urged the Department of Justice (DOJ) to reconsider its secret data collection practices. He felt concerned after his team received a tip that foreign governments were demanding push notification data from Apple. Apparently, secretly spying on unsuspecting iPhone users is the latest trend. Although government-led mass surveillance is pretty much an open secret, the fact other countries want Americans’ information is concerning. Wyden wanted the DOJ to change its transparency policies, hoping the inevitable public outrage would stop its shady practices.  Just days after Wyden’s letter, Apple quietly changed its legal policy. Now, the government needs a search warrant or a court order under the Stored Communications Act — a law forcing electronic communication providers to comply during criminal investigations — before getting push notification records. How the policy change affects you You can only get push notifications if the data passes…Pushing for privacy: Apple requires warrants for notification data

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