Readers Want Publications to Label AI-Generated Content

Trust Issues With levels of distrust towards the news reaching new heights, some publications have begun experimenting with publishing artificial intelligence-generated content — which has been an unmitigated disaster in many instances. And as it turns out, readers are becoming increasingly wary of the trend, which could only serve to erode their trust even further. According to a new preprint study by researchers from the University of Oxford and the University of Minnesota, readers want news media to disclose if the article was AI-generated. But they also tend to trust news organizations less if they use AI-generated articles unless they list other articles that have served as sources for the AI-generated content. “As news organizations increasingly look toward adopting AI technologies in their newsrooms,” the researchers write, “our results hold implications for how disclosures about these techniques may contribute to or further undermine audience confidence in the institution of journalism at a time in which its standing with the public is especially tenuous.” Full Disclosure For their study, the researchers surveyed 1,483 people English speakers located in the United States and presented them with a batch of political news articles that were AI-generated. Some were labeled as created by AI and some were not. Others were labeled as AI and contained a list of news articles that served as sources. The researchers then asked the readers to rate the trustworthiness of news organizations by looking at the articles. The researchers found that readers rated content from news organizations that published articles labeled as AI-generated…Readers Want Publications to Label AI-Generated Content

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