Reinventing The Wheel: Are We Out Of Ideas

Are we out of ideas? We, as in, everyone in society. I’m asking, really asking. Because it’s been a while since I’ve seen an original idea. We aren’t so much Reinventing the wheel as rebranding it. “Apple creates its own music video channel and… invents MTV?”. That is a real, and 100% accurate headline The Next Web ran last month. Apple Music TV is a 24-hour a day station live streaming popular music videos via the web, available on the Apple Music and Apple TV apps. So it is basically just MTV, but over the internet, not the airwaves. In related new-old-tech, Netflix is testing real-time scheduled programming in France. Like Apple Music TV, the Netflix offering is the internet version of something we used to just call TV. Netflix will play a selection of movies and TV shows from the Netflix library… only not as an on-demand experience. I know it’s a way for Netflix to try and win over French consumers, but still, it feels like they are out of ideas? Over the last few years, I’ve spoken with hundreds of startups, and most of them didn’t have a new idea. Founders often describe their company as “WeWork for workshops” or “Uber for XYZ”. In other words, the new ideas were often just new applications of another company. It’s worth noting that neither Uber, or WeWork are new ideas. Uber is a taxi service with an app, we can split hairs about regulations, and structure but fundamentally, Uber…Reinventing The Wheel: Are We Out Of Ideas

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